1. A film on DVD that can be entered into nationwide Youth Film Festivals.

  2. Technical filmmaking skills that they can apply to future projects.

  3. Creative filmmaking skills - allows participants to uncover hidden talents.

  4. This is a team building exercise - students gain interpersonal skills.

  5. Self-confidence - making a movie from script to screen gives a sense of achievement.

  6. Sense of responsibility for their specific role on set.

  7. Exciting addition to their TY portfolio.

  1. In small groups, students develop concepts for a plot.

  2. Each group pitches their idea to the rest of the class and a vote is taken. We then split the class in half - into a creative group and a technical group.

  3. The creative group write the script, choose the actors and rehearse the scene.

  4. The technical group learn about camera and sound, and plan the shot list and storyboards for the scene.

  5. We then shoot and edit the film and burn to DVD.

At the Digital Film School, we come to our students. We travel to schools and provide the filmmaking equipment for the workshops.

Email: info@digitalfilmschool.ie

Ph: 0851487722